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Bangalore is now the subject of much global business study, and several India Study tours, particularly from international Business Schools and Leadership Training Institutes, focus on the city. We have had the pleasure of contributing to the academic and leadership development pursuits of hundreds of people.

“We find the customised programs of BangaloreWALKS enhance the experience of our international programs”.
- Dr G Shainesh, Chairperson (Student Exchange Program),
Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)

The Bangalore Walks tour on foot in central Bangalore is a revelation of history and culture that enriches the management education experience. We always include it, and by our participants' demand, have done it twice. The local color that Bangalore Walks provides makes any event in our executive education program an altogether special event that we've never found in any other location in the world.
Stanley Nollen, Professor of Business
Global Executive MBA Program, Georgetown University

On behalf of the group I thank you for a wonderful, entertaining, and educational tour. From student feedback (after the tour) it is very clear that everyone liked it and thought that it was worth every rupee spent on it. It is fortunate that there are people like yourself that can showcase the history, culture, and development of Bangalore so well and so accurately. As a person who grew up in Bangalore there were some pieces I was not aware of – it was truly educational for me also.
- Prof Ramakrishna Hindupur, School of Business, Redlands University

I want to join Rama in thanking you for a great tour. It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in India
- G Keith Roberts, Associate Dean, Asst Prof of Law, School of Business, Redlands University

I absolutely enjoyed the tour. You were very informative and kept us engaged in the learning experience! This was definitely at trip to be remembered for a lifetime.
Thanks again!!
- Yvette Badua, Time Warner Cable Media Services (part of the Redlands Study tour)

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and extremely educated engagement in your delivery of the tour. Your knowledge about the history of India has inspired me to read a historical novel titled The Far Pavilions. Thanks again for a great adventure in Bangalore,
- Wendy Nelson (part of the Redlands Study Tour)

I enjoyed very much the tour on Sunday. Also, all participants gave me very positive feedback on the tour and on your presentations and explanations. All feel that we gained a deeper understanding of Indian culture.
I look forward to ear again from you.
-Jose Miguel Pinto dos Santos, AESE, Lisbon

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Bangalore, and the "walk" we took with you was the highlight of our India visit. Thanks very much for taking the time to show us around, for your explanantions, and for your hospitality.
-Dr Vinod K. Jain, Professor, Robert H Smith School of Business, University of Maryland;
President & CEO, India-US World Affairs Institute, Inc.

just a quick note of thanks for the fantastic tour with our leaders' quest group a couple
of weeks ago...
as usual, your vast storehouse of knowledge,and amazing way of tying history to present
day events, had the participants spell bound...
the visit to the flower market really blew their minds, and then followed by your fantastic narrative about tipu sultan, was a great one two punch...
your tours are excellent for setting the context for their various visits during the week...
a big thanks from lq and all the participants.
- Robert Metcalfe, LeadersQuest (and IKEA India)

I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising two wonderful programmes for us, and getting our programme off to such an outstanding start. You really should be very proud of what you do. Our participants all spoke in glowing terms of the value they derived from the programmes.
-Chris Harrison, LeadersQuest

Phenomenal; Exceptional; v. special;Learnt more about 4 religions in one afternoon that i had in 18 years at school!... very knowledgeable and had a lovely way of getting across some of the complexities of faith in India.
Wealth of knowledge amazing; Felt ignorant in comparison about his knowledge of English history; Fantastic style
- LeadersQuest participants, India Quest 2009

I got good remarks generally - people want more time to do more of such things is the
only complaint I heard. So, the unusual crowd size was a hit! A few repeat
guys who did the 2nd day visit liked it very much as well.
thanks for indulging our Fellows,
-Popsi Narasimhan
MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership

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