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Spouses ofvisiting corporate leaders often have more time to explore the city. Sometimes, true impressions of a city or country are better absorbed by the spouse, and we are proud to have played our part in certain prominent visits.

“I really enjoyed my time in Bangalore and thank you so much for the wonderful tour, our visit to the dance school and lunch! You did a superb job of educating me on India and Bangalore. ”.
- Ms G Palimsano, (Sam Palmisano, Chairman, CEO & President, IBM)

It was a very enjoyable experience,very informative.One that we'd like to share with many others-from within and outside our country.
- Mala Ramadorai, (S Ramadorai, Chairman, TCS)

We enjoyed the different glimpse of the same city and you are sure to see us again.
- Sharmila Paranjpe, (Nitin Paranjpe, Mg Dir & CEO, Hindustan Unilever)

Thank you for your unusual and informative perspective about Bangalore. It felt like I did not know it before! Thoroughly enjoyed the morning!
- Smita Parekh, (Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC)

Thanks so much for the unique perspective you offered on your city. i really regretted not doing a more comprehensive programme with you, but am consoling myself with the fact that given the constraints of time, we did the best we could!
- Radha Manwani, (Harish Manwani, Unilever Executive - President AsiaAfrica)

The ladies really enjoyed the tour & your company
-Graham Lythgoe, (India Region Director, Caterpillar)

Thanks for the lovely pics and all the effort you took in introducing Bangalore in a really wonderful way to all of us. Lalbagh will possibly bring me back to Bangalore and hopefully give an opportunity to learn more of Bangalore from you.
-Promy Narayan, (Adtiya Narayan, Mg Dir & CEO, ICI India)

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