Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837, just a few years after the establishment of the British Cantonment in Bangalore. 
This quiet little town in South India grew quite spectacularly over the next 70 years. The seeds of Bangalore's current persona - its leadership in technology, industry, scientific research & aerospace, its pubs, greenery, sporting culture and cosmopolitanism, as also the traffic chaos, demographic diversity and attractiveness to immigrants - were sown at different times and places in the Victorian era.
Great introduction to Bangalore. Breezy walk. Loads of information and entertainment. Walk down the history of a very happening city.
- Janardhan Roye, history buff and columnist in Deccan Herald
You know why Bangalore is on the minds of 21st century Americans - now learn why 19th century Britain was just as excited about this city.
- Manohar Rao, long-time resident Bangalore resident
A very good reason to be up early on a week-end. Perhaps as stimulating as golf on a three hour course.
- Krishna Chidambi, another long-time Bangalore resident
Victorian Bangalore Walk
Traverse history from the fall of Tipu in 1799
to the turn of the 20th Century. Reserve your place!
Visit 19th Century churches, public buildings and stately homes, tracing the growth of the cantonment. Hear stories of Bangalore’s famous British residents, and discover what made Bangalore tick in the 19th Century. End the walk with one of the best aerial views of Bangalore, and a sumptuous buffet breakfast.
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Start: Gates of Holy Trinity Church, MG Road
Directions: East end of MG Rd, opp Kids Kemp / The Oberoi Parking
available on the lane next to Kids Kemp (see Map)
Start time: Flexible.
What to wear: Casual wear; Water (recommended)
I discovered so many new things about a city that I have lived in all my life!
- Deepa Kamath, film-maker

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