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Been on a walk ? Tell us!
We do have special walks often and invite old walkers (a term of endearment we used to describe those who have been on a walk with us). If you are an old walker, and are not receiving invitations, its probably because we don’t have your email address / its changed. Sorry! You’re missing out. Please send us your current email address at and join our mailing list.
And while you’re at it, do send us feedback on the walk you came on.
Want to volunteer?
We are not hiring – we never have. All our walk presenters are entepreneurs – some full-time, some part-time. If you have something special to offer in terms of knowledge or expertise, contact us at If you have energy, passion for the city and time on your hands, you can volunteer for our Beloved Bangalore initiative.
Warning! Before you write to us, you must first come on a walk and see what we do. We do not respond to partnership and volunteer requests unless we know you have been on a walk first.
We are NOT on facebook or twitter
Not yet, at least! Despite repeated requests from all and sundry to do so. Well, we have bucked every trend in the past 14 years and revel in our maverick streak of doing things differently. We have no sales brochure, carry no ads, have no partnerships with hotels or travel agencies, provide very little information on what we do, and then expect people to get up at 6am on a weekend to join us. Quite crazy if you think about it.
Well, over 30,000 people have found us on their own, and taken the trouble to join our walks. That gives us joy and hope – that the next 30,000 will come sooner. They have their own mysterious ways of finding us – in MBAspeak, we think this is the elusive “word of mouth”. And that is why we are not Facebook, Twitter or any other site other than this one. We are boring traditionalists. Also, we are gratified that you read this far. You clearly have a good attention span to read the fine print on obscure pages of random websites – if you haven’t been on a walk with us yet – come, you’ll like it!

Over 30,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 15 years

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