Many thanks for the Lalbagh walk. I can't remember when I have had such a delightful time re-exploring a venue I thought I knew intimately. In three hours your 'walk' brings to life history, environment, botany, culture, landscape architecture, gardening and food---unpeeling an unknown Bangalore/Bengaluru. I have been recommending it to all my friends. More power to you and Arun.
- Girish Karnad
Our walkers have included
Zafar Futehally, Nirupama Rao Menon (senior diplomat), Dr. W Kalfoken (Harvard Smithsonian), Prof. J. Henry (Johns Hopkins), residents of over a dozen countries including Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Guadeloupe, India, Singapore, and of course, hundreds of Bangalore residents - those who walk here regularly as well as those who have never been to Lalbagh before.
Green Heritage Walk
with Vijay Thiruvady Reserve your place!
If you love nature, like walking among trees and flowers, and want to know more about our green heritage, this is the walk for you. If you know absolutely nothing about trees or nature, you will find this walk fun and eye-opening.
This city has spectacular green heritage and the best way to discover it is on a Sunday morning walk with Vijay.
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Start: At the base of the Big Rock, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens
Directions: Enter from the Double Road (KH Rd) Gate
Walk 100 metres to the base of the Big Rock
Parking available inside Lalbagh (see Map)
Start time:            Flexible; Any day of the week
Tickets                  Book by email at
What to wear: Closed shoes and full pants (compulsory)
Camera / sample collection bag (optional)
Water (recommended)
Vijay's Musings
A collection of Vijay's articles on our green heritage, written in his inmitable style.
Whether you have been on a walk or not, these musings are enjoyable and insightful.

Over 30,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 15 years

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