Let's Rock History!
Students of Mallya Aditi International School on the Victorian Bangalore walk
A city is a microcosm of the entire planet. At BangaloreWALKS Jr, we believe that understanding your own city – its strengths, its weaknesses, its communities, its place in history – is the first step towards taking your place as a true global citizen. Which, we are sure you will agree, is a mandatory requirement in the world without borders that our children will inherit.
In our series of Exploriences designed especially for the young, we aim to inculcate a deep sense of appreciation for the beautiful city that is our home. We believe this will, in time, translate into a commitment to protect and secure not only Bangalore’s undeniably bright future, but also the future of the planet.
New! We’re taking the theme further! We now offer Exploriences outside Bangalore too.
What are you waiting for? Let’s Explorience!
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Is it Right ?
That we teach our children
...about the Battle of Waterloo, but not
about the Battle of Bangalore?
....about the Parthenon, but not about
the temples of Belur & Halebid?
...about Jurassic fossils, but not about a
much older rock in their own city ?
...about Californian Redwoods but not
the trees they walk past each day?
...about Buckingham Palace and
Versailles, but not about Daria Daulat?
Is it Right? We think not.
To change the status quo, we offer unique ‘Exploriences’- special ‘explore & experience’ walks and tours for various focus groups, covering history and heritage, nature and environment, and culture and communities. Each Explorience includes fun activities, games and interactive sessions about relevant topics. Exploriences are tailored according to age, and are offered for children from 7 to 17.

Over 10,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 4 years

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