Themed Tours
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Stumped with how to engage your overseas visitors, or your office team, in the city?
Want to avoid ‘sightseeing’ tours (there’s isn’t much here anyway!).
We understand. Bangalore is not like Delhi or Mumbai or Singapore – where there are several must-sees or must-dos. There’s nothing to do or see here, is there? How on earth do I occupy my visitors here! Feels familiar?
Call us. This is what we do. We create special tours and experiences where none apparently exist. This is a unique city with a unique story that needs telling – otherwise it can seem like a massive construction site, with malls, techparks, cafes and slow-moving traffic. There’s lots to discover, stuff that the guide books and even locals seem to miss.
We tell the story of Bangalore, and our clients think we tell it well. So they return for more. (See client list) Our themed tours are designed to create respect and appreciation for our city. We do NOT do sightseeing tours. Try us out. Over 50 companies have. There are some really big names here. People and companies who should know. Read testimonials.
Who is this meant for?
Ideal for foreign visitors, or local teams with mixed nationalities. Works well for locals too.
Why don’t we just send them to Mysore?
Just because there’s a palace there, eh? Sorry, there is simply so much to see and do right here in Bangalore. Of course, we can arrange a themed tour to Mysore too, but we much prefer that this city is first fully enjoyed.
Nobody tells the story of Bangalore better!
- NR Narayana Murthy, Infosys
You bring my book to life
- Tom Friedman

What does it cost?
We are a specialist provider that aims to create impact and present a balanced perspective on Bangalore and India. Our costs are based on number of people, tour duration, and day of week. Write to with brief details of your requirements, and we will propose an appropriate themed tour.
So, what exactly do you show them?
A-ha! That would be telling. Let’s put it this way – we know this city inside out and choose our routes, stories and drives based on what we think will work. We avoid crowded tourist spots, minimise commute and remain close to the hotel/office. We do show some of the major ‘sights’, but do a lot more off the beaten path.
We can take charge of everything to make the experience special – transport, refreshments and a meal. Or we can work around your schedules, meal plans and existing transport. We often convert long commutes (Airport – City Centre, Hotel – E-City) into interesting tours (we call them our Traffic Jam Busters).
And what about logistics?
We are NOT in the business of hiring cars or booking hotels. We are in the business of helping people discover, respect and appreciate Bangalore. We can help arrange all the logistics, if needed. Send us an email with your requirements, and we will call you. The earlier the better, as we make advance tour commitments to our regular clients.

Over 30,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 15 years

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