Case Studies
The MIT-Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership visited Bangalore in 2006. Apart from the several serious business meetings that they attended, they were very keen to walk the streets of this city. Now, Boston has some of the world's best walking tours and this was a well-travelled adventurous bunch. Pressure!
We designed a customised afternoon exploration for a group of 48 Fellows in central Bangalore. Seems like it was well received, as many demanded another walk the next morning along with a traditional breakfast at MTR!
"I got good remarks generally - people want more time to do more of such things is the only complaint I heard. So, the unusual crowd size was a hit! A few repeat guys who did the 2nd day visit liked it very much as well. thanks for indulging our Fellows,
-Popsi Narasimhan
MIT Sloan Fellow
Joel Podolny, Dean, Yale School of Management, was on a visit to India and keen to understand more about Bangalore, its people and its culture. He kept aside half a day in his packed schedule to explore the 'real' Bangalore, and we designed a free-wheeling customised tour through different parts of our city.
The European School of Management & Technology (ESMT), Berlin visits India frequently with its MBA students. As part of this multi-city India tour, we offer our customised walking tour when they visit Bangalore.
"This is just a quick note to thank you once more for the lovely tour. My students enjoyed it greatly."
Raji Jayaraman,
Asst Professor, ESMT
McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University offers a specialised 6-country Global Executive MBA certification for practising
managers. The 12 week program offers Resident programs in Washington, Toronto, Barcelona, Bangalore, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago, and
attracts business managers from several of the world’s leading companies. Our tours are an important part of the India leg of the Program
"The Bangalore Walks tour on foot in central Bangalore is a revelation of history and culture that enriches the management education experience. We always include it, and by our participants' demand, have done it twice. The local color that Bangalore Walks provides makes any event in our executive education program an altogether special event that we've never found in any other location in the world."
Stanley Nollen, Professor of Business
Global Executive MBA Program, Georgetown University
Author of "New Industries from New PLaces: Hardware and Software in India and China"
DeBaak is the leading leadership and management training institute in The Netherlands. Their "New Manager" Course for practising managers brings them to India frequently on week-long explorations. We are their turnkey study tour designer and facilitator and have handled all-India vists on three occasions in the past 3 years. The course content is wide and varied and includes sessions on business, culture, and socially relevant themes.

"We partner with BangaloreWALKS in developing our highly successful India trips. I visit several other countries on similar tours and I mut say that there is a special touch that BangaloreWALKS brings that is hard to find elsewhere.

Caroline van Frankenhuysen,
Program Director, DeBaak NV, The Netherlands

McGill University International Executive Institute offers internatioal programs that include visits to India for senior managers. We work with McGill to provide exploratory walks in off-beatparts ofour city that provoke discussion and enhance the quality of the program.

"Thanks for a wonderful tour, once again. I know the participants very much appreciated your input.

Dora Koop, Director Business Solutions, McGill University"

Redlands University, California offers a Study Abroad program to practising managers, and the Bangalore visit is an annual feature. We have hosted delegations from the School of Business, Redlands Universit on our tours for the past 3 years.
"On behalf of the group I thank you for a wonderful, entertaining, and educational tour. From student feedback (after the tour) it is very clear that everyone liked it and thought that it was worth every rupee spent on it. It is fortunate that there are people like yourself that can showcase the history, culture, and development of Bangalore so well and so accurately. As a person who grew up in Bangalore there were some pieces I was not aware of – it was truly educational for me also."
Prof Ramakrishna Hindupur
I want to join Rama in thanking you for a great tour. It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in India.
G. Keith Roberts, Associate Dean
LeadersQuest is a unique organisation that offers specialised 'quests' to leaders in business and government. Quests are held in India frequently, and Bangalore is a favourite stop. We have worked closely with LeadersQuest on 4 of their Quests, and it is rewarding to have them back ever so often! Many of the tours we offer the Quests are customised and developed to their very exacting needs.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising two wonderful programmes for us, and getting our programme off to such an outstanding start. You really should be very proud of what you do. Our participants all spoke in glowing terms of the value they derived from the programmes."
Chris Harrison, Associate
Motorola University is Motorola's internal training programme for its senior managers. When the University was conducted in Bangalore for senior managers from across Asia, they scheduled half a day in their course to explore and understand the fascinating changes taking place in Bangalore, to enhance their understanding of India.
"Thank you for helping us understand Bangalore and India a little better.
Jennifer Soohu, Motorola
Berne School of Architecture, Switzerland sends students to India annually for projects in architecture. A walk in the city is now an established part of their visit and we have hosted several such groups over the past four years.
Bangalore figures prominently on the multi-city India visit of MBA students from Foster School of Business, Univ of Washington. We facilitated and offered our tours and local expertise on several aspects of their Bangalore leg.

Bangalore was wonderful - all of our visits were fantastic
Cate Goethals, Academic Director, Global Business Center
The Danish Ministry of Education organizes Study Tours of India for their teachers. The tour is designed to provide the teachers with sufficient background knowledge of Modern India to enable them to teach their Danish students Indian literature in English along with other subject matters in the Indian context. The teachers hold Masters degrees in English and one other subject (social sciences, history, geography etc.) and bring a very interesting perspective to their study of India.
Bangalore was great. you made the whole difference This was the fourth tour of its type, it was a great success, and has been talked about a lot.
-Lars Kelstrup, Leader – English Literature Teachers Study Group
Danish Ministry of Education
University of Applied Sciences, NW Switzerland arranged Focus India 09, a visit to India for a group of students in its School of Business. We arranged a customized Green Heritage walk in Lalbagh Gardens that they described as ‘unique, engaging and fascinating’.
Renato Schletti,
School of Business,
University of Applied Sciences

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