Our Clients [Companies]
We respect each of our clients. They have a stake in this city, and believe that their employees, visitors and customers need a better appreciation of the city’s history, culture and people. They all had the option to say ‘there’s nothing to do here’, but chose to call us. Even for their CEOs / Global Leadership (Read about our ‘VIP’ assignments click here). We have over 70 clients listed here. Most have returned for more tours, some of them dozens of times! These are our direct clients. We also host visiting customer delegations on behalf of these clients – see the bottom of this page for an indicative list of ‘indirect’ clients.
(These 100+ companies have critical business operations in Bangalore – that tells a story too)
Our clients' customers
We also host senior customer delegations that visit our Bangalore-based clients. An indicative listing is provided here. We cannot reveal more names for reasons of confidentiality.

Over 30,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 15 years

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